Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ok, this will be my last Twitter post for awhile, but I've really appreciated all the suggestions from you all. So far, the app that most closely matches what I want it MyTweeple.

What I wanted was to very quickly see the latest updates from people that I'm following. My Tweeple lists everyone (you can select following, follower, or all) in alphabetical order, then has the coolest View button where you can mouseover and see their latest tweets.

The only other feature I'd love to have is a way to mark people I'm following as "Favorites" so they're at the top of the list, but that's just a "nice to have" idea.


  1. Okay, I hate to jump in late and make a suggestion now you've made up your mind, but I'm going to anyway. ;)

    Have you tried Twitterfox? It's an add-on for the firefox browser & is similar to MyTweeple, and firefox apparently displays sites more accurately than IE.

    Okay, I've de-lurked and jammed my oar in, now I'm happy. ;)

  2. You're cracking me up !! I NEVER make up my mind completely, and I'm still searching for a good Twitter app, so I'll defintely try TwitterFox. I haven't given up on TweetDeck, either.

  3. I'm loosing interest in twitter too. I'll try Twitterfox - thanks for the suggestion.


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