Sunday, April 5, 2009

Louisville vs. Oklahoma

The women's basketball Final Four is played tonight and Louisville will play Oklahoma. I will definitely be rooting for the Lady Cards and cheering for them.

And yes, I actually do have another crochet project started (although it didn't help the men's team, but I did try !!) I've re-started my rag rug crochet and I'm making it rectangular, but in the round instead of rows. I will post a picture tomorrow so you can see - I'm proud of how it's progressing so far.


  1. Are you from Louisville? I grew up there! Oldham Co, to be exact.

  2. Yes, I went to high school and college in Louisville. Most of my family now lives in Crestwood.

  3. yay.... cards women will be on championship..
    so bad our boys didnt get into.. =(
    i feel so sad about it...

    i remember last year,
    all my patients cried when the cards lose.. =(

    wel.. we'll get it next year.. ^_^

  4. No way! Crestwood is exactly where I grew up!


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