Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big East Champions

I'm just taking a deep breath and starting to prepare for the roller coaster ride that the NCAA tournament will be. No, I won't turn this into a basketball blog. But it's SO exciting (and since Spring isn't here yet, there isn't a whole lot more to be excited about).

My sister already has tickets to go the regional games, so maybe she'll get us all souvenirs.

And I have to get new crochet projects ready now.... what shall I make next? I'm still finishing the grocery tote, but it's closer (I'll post a picture when it's completed). I'm running out of grocery bags, so I'll probably keep working on the rag rugs I started with scraps from my rag baskets (again, I'll post pictures).

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  1. This is so much fun to watch if you participate in a pool and do a bracket. I'm taking off Thursday and Friday afternoon so I can watch the opening games. I wrote a post about this too at


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