Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chore Wars

My Chore Wars character I've been using Chore Wars as a way to help keep me on track for my fitness goals. It has pre-set adventures for house keeping and cleaning, but I created my own based on key fitness and health measures that are meaningful to me.

I've created adventures where I get XP for steps on my pedometer, eating my target calories, burning more calories than I consume, eating fruit, eating vegetables, logging my foods in a food journal daily, and more.

When I reach 1000 XP, I'm going to reward myself with a Zynga game card. I love playing Cityville and Castleville games and thought this would be a fun non-food way to reward myself.

I tried to create and score the adventures so that I could earn 1000 XP in about 10 weeks. It has really kept me motivated, and I think before I eat in terms of "if I don't eat this, I'll burn more calories than I consume, so I'll earn more XP."

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